I don’t have a vehicle to donate, how else can I help?

First would be to join our volunteer team, but if that doesn’t fit your schedule, we always greatly accept financial donations to fuel our work, or in-kind contributions (i.e. tools, equipment, supplies, etc.) that help offset our expenses. It’s also a huge help if you just tell your friends, family and anyone else about ChangingGears.

What are the requirements to purchase a vehicle from ChangingGears?

To be eligible to purchase a vehicle from ChangingGears, our clients must be an active CityLink client, attend vehicle ownership and maintenance workshops (offered for free by ChangingGears to CityLink clients), and have both a valid drivers license and proof of insurance at the time of purchase. Click here to learn more about CityLink

How is ChangingGears different from other vehicle donation programs?

The key difference is how the donated vehicles are used. The majority of vehicle donation programs sell the donated vehicles at auction and use the net proceeds to fund other programs they operate. ChangingGears will use donated vehicles to meet local transportation needs and proceeds from all vehicle sales will be put back into ChangingGears … Continue reading How is ChangingGears different from other vehicle donation programs?

When do volunteers serve?

The majority of work is completed during evening volunteer sessions. Please contact us to find out more about volunteer opportunities and how to sign up.

When will I know what my tax deduction is?

We will send you the official acknowledgement form within 30 days of when we sell your vehicle. This will usually be 6-12 weeks after we have received your donated vehicle