The Grand Prix is back! Going to be different this year due to Covid, but we’ve created a safe way to still race pedal karts, have fun and raise funds to support ChangingGears. Four person relay teams will race individually during their reserved time slot on January 23rd or February 6th. The three best times will be recorded for each team and used to fill in a virtual bracket. The race results will be shared during a virtual video premiere on March 10th. Also special for this year, kids can team up with their parents so it’ll be fun for the whole family. More Covid safety info and race details below.


    • Each team will consist of 4 racers. For this year, kids can race! (teams of 3 or 5 are welcome as one person can race twice, or you can sub someone in) Team members must sign a waiver prior to participating.
    • Pedal karts will be provided for you. We will even have small pedal karts for kids ages 4-8. No need to bring your own ride.
    • Each race will be a timed, four person relay. Each team member will drive one lap. Driver exchanges will take place in a designated area by the start/finish line.
    • It will only be your team on the track. You will not be directly racing another team to keep everything Covid safe.
    • The champion will be determined through a virtual bracket style tournament. The top three times from your races will be used to input in the bracket and the winning time of each race will determine who advances to the next round. If you make it to the finals, the average of your top three times will be used to determine the winner.
    • Every team member must wear a helmet (bike helmets work great) and closed-toed shoes. YOU ARE RESPONSIBLE FOR THIS. We recommend every team member having their own helmet to make relay exchanges faster.
    • Costumes are usually a big part of the Grand Prix, but this year we encourage you to save your best costume for next year when there will be a live event. But if dressing up is your thing, or you’re looking to get another use out of last year’s Halloween costume, we’re sure not going to stop you.


  • What is a pedal kart?
    • It is a go kart that you pedal like a bike. If you need a better picture, click here. There will also be pedal karts for kids.
  • Will this be Covid safe?
    • Yes! Covid is the reason we are doing everything so different this year. The space where the track is located is huge so plenty of room for social distancing. It will only be your team on the track. Masks will be required. We have plenty of bikes so we will have a system to have them cleaned before their next use. The only other people in the space will be a few volunteers, and one other team will be on the other side of the room warming up on separate bikes designated for their team.


The Grand Prix races will take place in CityLink Center. There is plenty of parking in the main lot at 800 Bank Street, Cincinnati, OH 45214