We sell restored cars to approved clients so they can feel equipped as they work their way out of poverty. To be eligible to purchase a car, every client must meet the following requirements:

Completely Supported

A car alone is not enough, which is why our clients are required to engage at CityLink Center so they have access to the holistic support services necessary for sustainable life change.

Financially Ready

Our clients are required to complete financial counseling with our partner, SmartMoney, so they have the income and budgeting skills necessary to handle all of the expenses of owning a car.

Equipped for Success

To get clients ready for the road, clients are required to attend workshops on car ownership and maintenance and to volunteer at ChangingGears for 10 hours to build up “sweat equity.”

Licensed to Drive

Every client must meet the legal requirements of driving and owning a car, including a valid driver’s license and the necessary insurance coverage.