Vehicle Donation

Is it free to donate my vehicle?

Yes, there are no costs to you. We will come pick up your vehicle wherever you are located. If your vehicle is not running, we will pay to have it towed to our garage.

Will you really take any vehicle in any condition?

Yes, regardless of the condition of your vehicle, we are able to use it to either meet a transportation need or generate operating funds.

My vehicle is in decent shape but needs a major repair, does ChangingGears still want it?

Yes, our certified mechanic and awesome volunteer team are up to the challenge, even if it includes replacing the engine, transmission or other major components.

My vehicle is not running and probably belongs in a junk yard, does ChangingGears still want it?

Yes, if it’s at all possible, we’ll turn your vehicle into an affordable transportation solution for one of our clients, but if your vehicle requires unreasonable repairs to make it safe and reliable, then we’ll salvage the vehicle and put the proceeds back into ChangingGears.

I think my vehicle would be too expensive for someone that is working their way our of poverty, does ChangingGears still want it?

Yes, if your vehicle is to expensive for one of our clients to purchase or maintain, we will sell the vehicle to the public and put the money back into ChangingGears.

Tax Deduction

Is my vehicle donation tax deductible?

Yes, ChangingGears is recognized by the IRS as a tax exempt 501(c)(3) organization. Click here for an IRS publication that may answer more questions.

How much will I be able to deduct for my donation?

The maximum amount you will be able to deduct is the fair market value (FMV) of your vehicle on the day you donate it. The actual amount of your deduction will be limited to the FMV on the day you donate your vehicle or the final sale price, which ever is less. The final sale price of your vehicle will be included in the forms we’ll send to you after selling your vehicle. CG will sell the vehicle at the FMV of the vehicle after all repairs are completed. Typically the FMV of the vehicle will increase after all repairs are completed.

How do I determine the FMV of my vehicles?

The most common way is to look at websites like Kelly Blue Book, or Edmunds. On these sites the FMV is considered to be the private party transaction value, not the suggester dealer retail. Ultimately, it’s up to you and your tax advisor to determine the amount you can deduct for your donation, but ChangingGears will include KBB and Edmunds reports for your vehicle when we send your tax documents to help you make that determination. If your vehicle value is greater than $5,000, a certified appraisal is required. CG will have the appraisal performed and include the report when we send you all the tax documents.

When will I know what my tax deduction is?

We will send you the official acknowledgement form within 30 days of when we sell your vehicle. This will usually be 6-12 weeks after we have received your donated vehicle

Why do you ask for my Social Security Number?

To claim a tax deduction greater than $500, we must list your social security number on the form (1098-C) we provide to you and to the IRS All of your personal information will be kept confidential. You can still donate your vehicle if you don’t want to provide your SSN, but your deduction will be limited to $500


I’ve never worked on a car, can I still volunteer?

Yes, we perform a wide range repairs and maintenance that require all skill levels. Whatever your skill level, this is an opportunity to learn more

When do volunteers serve?

The majority of work is completed during evening volunteer sessions. Please contact us to find out more about volunteer opportunities and how to sign up.


How is ChangingGears different from other vehicle donation programs?

The key difference is how the donated vehicles are used. The majority of vehicle donation programs sell the donated vehicles at auction and use the net proceeds to fund other programs they operate. ChangingGears will use donated vehicles to meet local transportation needs and proceeds from all vehicle sales will be put back into ChangingGears to help meet more transportation needs.

What are the requirements to purchase a vehicle from ChangingGears?

To be eligible to purchase a vehicle from ChangingGears, our clients must be an active CityLink client, attend vehicle ownership and maintenance workshops (offered for free by ChangingGears to CityLink clients), and have both a valid drivers license and proof of insurance at the time of purchase. Click here to learn more about CityLink

I don’t have a vehicle to donate, how else can I help?

First would be to join our volunteer team, but if that doesn’t fit your schedule, we always greatly accept financial donations to fuel our work, or in-kind contributions (i.e. tools, equipment, supplies, etc.) that help offset our expenses. It’s also a huge help if you just tell your friends, family and anyone else about ChangingGears.