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Opportunities are Endless with Training Program

Abdoulaye’s Story

When Abdoulaye applied for the ChangingGears Automotive Technician Training Program, he had no idea the new career would lead to a 33% pay increase and immeasurable impact to his personal life.

Abdoulaye, who now works in customer service at a Toyota dealership, has been interested in cars since he was a kid. Joining the Automotive Technician Training gave him the hands-on learning he needed to leave his warehouse job and start a new career. 

In the training program, he enjoyed working on cars with an ASE Master Technician and learning how to change oil, brakes and tires, which will enable him to save money on his own vehicle repairs. He also learned critical industry vocabulary, which is pivotal in his new job as a liaison between technicians and customers. “When a customer needs new tires or brakes, I’m able to understand the technician’s diagnosis and explain it to the customer in detail because I learned how to do these procedures in training.”

When asked about his favorite benefit of the training program, he answered “I can now listen to any noise in the car and figure out what is going on.”

“It’s critical to have a situation where you’re supported, not just by yourself and your family but by the community and that’s where ChangingGears stands,” he said. All of the positive impact of his career change also extended to his family. He’s able to save more money that will benefit his wife, currently a full-time student, and their two young daughters. Beyond the increased salary and benefits, Abdoulaye now works in a job that he’s passionate about with endless opportunities. “The sky’s the limit at the dealership and I want to move into management one day,” he shared.

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