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“I am a living example of their mission”

Guy’s Five Year Update

“I am a living example of their mission to empower people who are working toward prosperity,” Guy shared with the audience at ChangingGears Grand Opening in April 2022. Guy, who received a car from ChangingGears five years ago, came back to inspire others with his story. 

After graduating from Per Scholas in 2018, he started work at a school in Cincinnati, but it only lasted for 6 months. He quickly found another opportunity in IT, but it required travel to multiple job sites. Since Guy had his own car, he was able to accept the job and retain employment. In his current position, he covers up to 25 sites per day and wouldn’t be able to grow with his company without his own car.

The experience showed Guy the importance of having a dependable vehicle. He shared that excluding regular maintenance, he only had one major repair that cost about $200 at ChangingGears.

“It’s critical to have a situation where you’re supported, not just by yourself and your family but by the community and that’s where ChangingGears stands, “ he said. “ All that you see with the mission of this organization and all that you’ve heard when you read the impact study, it is so spot on because I am a living example of all that is done for me.”

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